The Sewing Machine Project at the Knitting and Stitching Shows 2017

Studio 21 toured its award winning exhibition The Sewing Machine Project: a contemporary view of the ‘Iron Needlewoman’ to each of 2017’s Knitting and Stitching Shows: Alexandra Palace 11th – 15th October, Dublin 9th – 12th November and Harrogate 23rd – 26th November.

It is always interesting to show work to others and watch and hear the different reactions, but The Sewing Machine Project had a particular resonance with so many of the visitors to the Knitting and Stitching Shows. Many visitors came up to us with personal stories or memories triggered by different pieces. We should have collected the stories!

Here is a selection of the feedback from our visitors book:

What a wonderful exhibition! So considered, such an array of interpretations – definitely one of the best in the show! Gwen Hedley

Beautiful work in a thought-provoking project. Cas Holmes

Very “thought-provoking” I enjoyed seeing how individual’s work interprets the theme. H Colling

Wonderful project – loved the creativity and ingenuity. The concept made me think of the woman engineer who patented over 50 sewing machine mechanisms, now there’s inspiration fr me. Thanks. Anonymous

The most exciting original work here and very funny. Congratulations to all. S Tullock

A really inspirational study of all aspects of sewing machines – very enjoyable to see. JR




Mesmerising Beautiful

Full details about the exhibition are available here.