Sandra Meech

quilt and stitched textiles artist


Sandra Meech, originally from Canada, trained as a fine artist and illustrator, working as a graphic designer and art director in magazine publishing, in Toronto and London, England. Later when introduced to stitched textiles – photography, painting and collage with mixed media, on fabric and stitch became her new approach to creative expression.

After Diploma research about caribou skin clothing and the textiles based on the Inuit in Arctic Canada, she travelled there in 1998. Arctic Expressions became the first series of textile and art quilts based on these northern regions. More recently after visiting Iceland and Antarctica, Sandra has returned to this theme. Meltdown focuses on climate change and how weather patterns worldwide have been affected.

Her art and photography based on the local landscape and the ‘Levels’ in Somerset have also been an inspiration and she now uses of her paintings as well as imagery as a starting point for her textile art. With many international awards, and work in public and private collections, and author of several art textile books, Sandra continues to exhibit to galleries in the UK, continental Europe and beyond.