Liz Heywood

textile artist


Liz’s work explores the process of decay and regeneration in the natural environment. She is influenced by the changes that alter the original to create a new surface. Using non-traditional materials and stitch she experiments with a range of techniques to create delicate, lacy pieces of textile art.

Liz often uses non-woven fabrics which can be heavily machined to embellish the surface. She likes to make 2D and 3D pieces that incorporate holes and spaces.

In her current project ‘Addressing Space’ Liz has chosen to work with the words location, grid and three. This has led her to use old, discarded maps which she has stitched to enrich the surface. The cartographical marks have provided a starting point and have influenced the way in which the map is worked. She has transformed the surface with machine stitching and burned it with a heat tool to create texture and fragility.