Dawn Thorne

FSDC, Artist, Author, Lecturer, Curator


I aim to visualize the unquantifiable: the intangible record of the action of movement as we occupy time and space performing a process of making. The data is analysed and developed into a signature pattern code. The resulting design could be used for interiors spaces, clothing and artworks.

Through research and investigation I am challenged to define and quantify movement into a visual blueprint depicting the motions and actions of the body as it moves through time, engaging with the making process. My recent work looked to my own movement of stitching through cloth, weaving and the action of pulling dye through a silk screen.

The notion of this record is to validate the existence of being a maker. Without the physical act of performance in time and space the realized outcome would cease to exist yet, although it is fundamental to the work itself, this detail of the process is rarely considered.

Dye, print, weave and stitch processes are used both to provide the data for my research and for visual presentation of my findings.

Ongoing research continues to investigate and research movement, actions and patterns. Currently Dawn is working in collaboration with other makers to record differences in individual movements when creating the same action. These studies question and demonstrate unique pattern codes of movement between makers.


e: dawnthorne@hotmail.co.uk
w: www.DawnThorne.uk