Marion Glover

textile artist and sculptor


Marion’s current work explores her response to shafts of light either piercing through storm clouds or penetrating through the rainforest canopy, and developing ways to capture this elusive quality with paint, print and stitch, or with fine fibres, monofiliament and glass crystals.

A Secret Spirit is an animation DVD/video film of textile fantasy trees, responding to a study of Byzantine mosaic ceilings where the human figure is portrayed framed with trees of extraordinary liveliness, absurdity and spirit. Music and verse are incorporated with the dancing movements of the trees.

Experimentation with colour also absorbes Marion and she continues to explore the use of dyes on fabric, using silkscreen printing of both dyes and surface paints, adding machine and hand stitch overlays. Subsequent cutting, pleating and manipulation of the fabric alters the image further, and Marion is also exploring different forms of fastenings and closures.

Life Sculpture is a recent development, studying the proportions of the human body, and Marion is developing her textile designs and materials into sculptured forms.

After teaching in adult education Marion now works freelance, teaching courses and workshops in addition to group lectures. Topics covered include design, drawing and painting, use of colour in textiles, machine embroidery and Elizabethan and Stuart embroidery.