Susan Chapman

stitched textile artist


Susan’s work is mainly concerned with issues relating to people and the human form. She maintains a daily practice of drawing and writing into sketchbooks which feed her creativity.

She is a people watcher and likes to make fast, almost abstract sketches of people going about their daily lives, observing their relationship to each other and to the world at large.
Recently she has been more aware of the passage of time and has turned her attention to her family and those who have gone before her, developing a body of work reflecting these Roots.

Colour is of paramount importance to her and she is very much influenced by Matisse’s use of bright colour and simple repeating images. Emotionally, the artists who also influence her are Louise Bourgeois, Andy Goldsworthy, Anthony Gormley, Jeremy Gardiner, and Jim Dine, an eclectic mix but a constant source of excitement.

Susan lives in a small Hampshire village on the edge of the South Downs National Park and is developing some new work related to her surroundings in the form of fairly abstract landscapes.

Although Susan’s roots are in quilt-making, she now collages her dyed, painted, printed, discharged, and screen printed drawings, then stitches and embellishes the pieces by hand and machine. She works in two and three dimensions and is particularly interested in book forms as well as large scale work.