Judy Drysdale

textile artist


Exploring the inter-action of lines, how materials behave within a structure; whether relaxed or under tension; forms the basis of Judy’s work. Her three-dimensional linear pieces can appear to alter shape, the intersecting lines creating a sense of movement. The contrast when viewing in sunlight or shadow provides different experiences. Creating harmony between the space the piece occupies and that surrounding it is essential.

Whilst lace making Judy began investigating fabric structures. How fine gauze, textured cloths or three-dimensional pieces can be created by manipulating weaves, knotting, over-lapping or looping threads, all drawing on the inherent properties of the materials, their strengths, flexibility and weight. The creative process is nearly always material led and Judy continually tests new structures.

A variety of wires, threads and paper string are incorporated into her work. Using the traditional techniques of lace making, braiding and basketry together with machined lace to inform her work, Judy also enjoys devising her own variations.


e: judydrysdale3@gmail.com