Addressing Space : What3Words


24th July – 8th August 2021, Thursday – Sunday, 12 noon to 4pm
St Saviours Aberdeen Park N5 2AR

The members of Studio 21 have responded to the what3words app. What3Words addresses the world and offers a simple, specific and virtual way to talk about location. It has mapped the entire world into 3 square metre sections each of which has a unique 3-word address.

Studio 21 artists have made work that variously explores the themes of location, place, the threatened eco-system, the tension between the virtual and material world, containment and ordering, and the need to find a sense of security and belonging. The work is grounded in textile practice, but also incorporates other media and material objects.

As a group exhibition Addressing Space What3Words will ask the audience to make connections, not only between the pieces of work, but also between the individual ideas explored by the artists. Different works will engage in a dialogue with each other and will invite visitors to participate more fully with the theme of location which runs through the exhibition.

It has been a long journey to this exhibition. The genesis was in early 2019, since then the pandemic has changed our lives beyond recognition. 

Each Studio 21 exhibition is carefully conceived and underpinned by a strong commitment to working together with an appreciation of each artist’s chosen approach and progress. Where we normally meet and support each other in person, we have now evolved into digital beings with Zoom meetings and digital discussions. It has been wonderful to hang the show together, in person.