Studio 21 @ The Festival of Quilts

Continuum: A Sense of Place

Studio 21 will present an interactive gallery at this year’s festival of quilts 11-14 August 2011 at the NEC, Birmingham. A large piece on the theme A Sense of Place is being created by each of the Studio 21 artists and will be complimented by an interactive section to be created by visitors to the exhibition.

Everyone has a memory which evokes a particular thought, time or location: a special sense of place. Some of these places are literal, some metaphorical, some representational.

This collaborative project draws together Studio 21 members’ highly individual memories to create a long, winding landscape. The different perspectives, scales, textures and techniques create a piece a little like the complex sense of place in most of our minds. With it we hope to inspire all who look at it to think of their own special places.

Throughout each of the individual landscapes birds migrate: the linking thread or continuum joining each piece. As you travel the landscape in its magnificent diversity, from quietly observed corners to wide vistas, look for the migrating birds in each piece.

As part of this exhibition there will be an opportunity for each visitor to add their own marks and sense of place to Continuum. Keep an eye on this web site to see how this interactive Continuum piece develops.

A book illustrating each artist’s work will be available at the Festival of Quilts – if you are interested in a copy, email us for further details.