Studio 21 Textile Artists

Studio 21 is a group of textile artists who bring together a creative and innovative mix of media and stitched textiles. The aim of the group is to develop and extend innovative techniques and to push the boundaries of traditional expectations in textiles.

The Sewing Machine Project

a contemporary view of the ‘Iron Needlewoman’

Studio 21 work together to create a collaborative exhibition over a two-three year period.

Our most recent exhibition was awarded the prestigious Hartlebury Award for 2016 at the SIT Select Festival. The judges said that “The Sewing Machine Project showed an eclectic mix of work from wrapped up de-constructed sewing machines, fascinating insights into the piece work machinists, to beautifully machined fabrics. It was an inspiring and professionally presented exhibition.”

Full details can be seen here.

We have created a booklet detailing the Sewing Machine Project, if you would like to purchase one for £5 please contact us by email.

About Us

Studio 21 was formed in 1997 with an ethos of providing mutual challenge and support while developing as a premier and lively exhibiting group. Its continuing evolution is achieved through a structured programme of design and inspirational workshops, with many members undertaking further personal research, studies and courses. Others work as teachers, lecturers and authors of books and magazine articles. A number are Members and Licentiate Members of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

Members are regularly represented at textile events throughout the country, and are happy to consider invitations to give talks, workshops and courses.