Jacky Russell

mixed media artist


Jacky’s artwork and fabric construction explore the textural and aesthetic quality of eroded landscapes and decayed architecture from her travels in Europe, especially the fascination and intrigue of sealed entrances and doorways. Having produced various artworks, commissioned watercolours and caricatures over the years, the amalgamation of this with her love of embroidery, has evolved distinctive stitch and textured pieces analogous to crumbling walls and fading paintwork. The eroded landscapes of South Australia have enthused sketch work and future design possibilities.

Using ‘Lutradur’ and hand dyed natural fibres, surfaces are resisted, machine stitched and heat treated with the addition of surface and texture paints. The layering of fabrics, stitching and corroding back create dimensional surfaces, each one concealing or revealing the other. Her design work begins through sketch and collage, leading to innovative books, three dimensional forms and wall pieces.


e: jacquelynrussell@hotmail.com