Ross Belton


A Japanese aesthetic and influences from an African childhood unconsciously bleed into the work. Natural dyes, rusting metal and more recently homegrown plants feed into the slow unpredictable adventure of textile alchemy.

Found objects and discarded tools, recycled materials, vintage linens and sea salvage all lead Ross in different directions. Researching traditional crafts and techniques, embracing the flawed and imperfect, exploring the beauty and history of these resources all help us see things in a different way.

Each piece of wrapped fabric, each stitch, each mark creates the uniqueness. They form a visual language, growing and evolving. Clusters of objects allow Ross to explore multiples, creating volume, a recurring theme. Enticing the viewer will see a beauty they may have missed.

As Ross’s experimentation with natural processes continues, the idea of place is becoming central to his practice. Sustainability and using local resources are key in trying to minimise his artistic footprint, whilst still engaging the viewer with works of undiscovered or transient beauty.


Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest: @spottedhyenas