Linda Gleave

textile and mixed media artist


Linda is a textile practitioner who is interested in exploring the interplay of light and shadow and capturing the sense of rhythm and movement they can represent. Her work develops from drawing and observation and her own photographs of the land and sea or interior spaces.

Her background in Art and Design, coupled with an interest in the natural world, informs much of her work. This is often based on landscape or seascape for which colour is an important factor in creating the mood of a piece.

The challenge of creating a three dimensional effect on a two dimensional surface in fabric through the tonal use of either colour or monochromatic hues to draw the viewer into the scene has been a long held fascination.

By manipulating the original imagery and using image-transfer techniques, Linda’s pieces evolve by layering sheer, hand–dyed and printed fabric to represent a sense of fleeting and captured moments. The addition of direct mark- making and hand and machine stitch is applied, when appropriate, to enhance the image.