Jill Flower

textile/mixed media artist


Jill is passionate about expressing personal events that then lie within her work. Using discarded media, such as fabrics and papers, she manipulates and experiments with them rather than using a planned approach. This produces a relaxed and intuitive method of working, the results of which are reflections of her memories and feelings.

Whilst exploring and researching her interest in traditional fabrics, such as lace and weaves, she has developed unusual techniques that mimic the textiles; a modern twist on recycling. For example, salvaged magazine pages are treated as if they were cloth, deconstructed and reconstructed using the sewing machine to form different and exciting materials. The evolving fabrics give an illusion of lace, mosaics or even reptile skins. The use of the printed images and words provide an extra dimension, sometimes giving humorous captions about life.

Other distinctive and important features of Jill’s work include: vibrant colour, the layering of paints and print, and patterns created using hand stitch or free machining. Whether handling paper or fragments of cloth, the work organically grows, with shapes developing to give an underlying relation to a story or a personal circumstance.

Jill feels she has learnt through her latest work to appreciate the beauty in everyday things that are often ignored and abandoned.


e: jill.flower@yahoo.co.uk
w: www.jillflower.com