Consuelo Simpson



Consuelo Simpson is as interested in the creativity of the making process as in the final outcome. The work explores the notion that making is a dialogue with material in which both maker and matter are active participants. In this sense, the work is in a state of perpetual becoming. Using sculpture, print and installation, the form is temporary, carrying with it the potential for change, seeking neither perfection nor an end.

To focus on the process is a way of understanding that thinking takes place alongside making, hands and body responding to materials. Found and made objects woven together using the ancient technologies of weave and netting create a haptic environment. The work probes how we experience the world through our bodies. The media and the construction techniques suggest a feeling of belonging through time.

The relationship with matter emancipates the perception of belonging in our environment. In the making, the artist seeks moments of contentment, noticing flashes of enchantment and reaches an accommodation with the world around us.


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