Anne Froggatt

textile artist


Observation and recording of her natural surroundings are Anne’s sources of inspiration. She uses an emotional approach which evolves during the creation of the piece. Fabrics and threads are used like a painter’s brush strokes interpreting the mood, texture, colour and design of her work.

Recent work has used traditional skills of felting rag rugging and hand stitching to create contemporary pieces with a strong and vibrant textural quality.

As felting and rag rugging are historically worked in wool it is a challenge to develop the technique. By introducing different materials such as plastic, glitter, fabrics, silk and string in small pieces it is possible to trap the in the wool layers to hold them in place. Appliqué pieces on felt give a textural surface and hand stitching grounds her in the traditions of sewing: each stitch enables her to consider the direction of the work and select fine to very thick threads and wools.

Often the colour palette is muted however the Colour Notes project enabled her to incorporate a large range of colours from observing the seasons. Her most recent piece in the Addressing Space project shows a vibrant use of colour – a satisfying challenge.