Amarjeet Nandhra

mixed media artist


Amarjeet Nandhra is an artist and educator based in West London. Her work explores the narrative of cloth within a social, economic and cultural setting.  This work examines the hidden meaning, looking beyond the aesthetic sensibility of these textiles. Amarjeet is interested in unpicking and examining the stories, history and memories they hold.

This pathway has led to re-examining the colours, patterns and marks, associated with traditional Indian textiles. At first glance the ornamentation seduces the viewer, creating a superficial lens in which these textiles have historically been examined. To be seen simply as colourful and aesthetically pleasing items. However, such a reductive viewpoint, prevents a deeper understanding of the textiles. The often intricate and beautiful embroidery disguises their identity as powerful carriers of meaning and memory.

Print, mixed media, and stitch provide the foundation to express these ideas. The work develops through layering of marks, text, patterns and stitch. The ideas are formulated through drawings and samples whilst explorations have also resulted in wire drawings and small constructions.