Sandra Meech

quilt and stitched textiles artist


Sandra Meech, originally from Canada, trained as a fine artist and illustrator, working as a graphic designer and art director in magazine publishing, in Toronto and London, England. Later when introduced to stitched textiles – photography, painting and collage with mixed media, on fabric and stitch became a new approach to creative expression.

After Diploma research on the Inuit people in Canada’s Arctic regions, caribou skin clothing and the harsh landscape of this land inspired her to travel there in 1998. Arctic Expressions became series of textile and art quilts and this theme was explored over several years. Later, other subjects were developed. Within 4 Walls illustrated urban living and containment, security, protection and inspiration, and Near North included imagery representing woodlands under threat because of fire, drought, the pine beetle or urban sprawl. Meltdown, and the dramatic effects of global warming on glaciers and the polar regions, is Sandra’s current theme in both stitched textiles and art quilts.

With many international awards, and work in public and private collections, Sandra continues to exhibit and travels worldwide teaching classes on creativity, art and design with mixed media.