Liz Heywood

textile artist


Liz is a textile artist who makes stitched textiles and contemporary quilts. Some of the stitched textile techniques were developed during and after completing the Diploma at East Berkshire College, Windsor where she was introduced to a range of new artistic experiences.

The inspiration for her work comes from natural form and organic structures especially of intertwining shapes, stems and branches. Decay and regeneration are also influential factors not only in plants but also in man-made objects. The imperfections and processes that change the original and break down surfaces influence her work. She is often drawn towards objects that are delicate and fragile with lacy structures, backgrounds and forms and she likes to make structures that incorporate holes and spaces.

She uses wire in many of her pieces either as a support or as an integral part of the design. After working in 2D for several years she is now finding that 3D structures and formats often create the image she wants to achieve. A limited palette is increasingly used in her current work.