Anthea Vaal

stitched textile artist


Transparency, line and texture are major aspects of Anthea Vaal’s work, where she combines her love of stitched textiles with garment design and construction. She is interested in exploring the concept of dual function textiles – displayable and wearable art – through the reconfiguration of the fabric.

In 2016 she was awarded “Highly Commended” in the “Quilt Creations” category at the Festival of Quilts, Birmingham with her stitched and woven corset. This garment was part of the award-winning exhibition The Sewing Machine Project by Studio 21.

Anthea is currently continuing her exploration of layering semi transparent fabrics, be they tulle, muslin, Vilene or fine polythene sheeting. Each layer may be stencilled, printed, pleated and stitched and then brought together in various combinations, with a view to building up the colour, pattern and texture of the final piece.