Anne Froggatt

textile artist


The hard rock, the soft colours, the strong textures and ancient landscapes of the North (and especially Cumbria where she was born) are the main source of inspiration for Anne’s work. It is an emotional approach which results in an exciting range of pieces often based on waterfalls, rock faces and prehistoric standing stones.

Her designs, using photographic and sketch records, are subtly interpreted with a carefully mixed selection of fabrics, threads, paints, wool and felt. These materials are used, like painters’ brushstrokes, with a 3-dimensional effect to provide Anne’s interpretation of the mood, colour and feeling of her subjects. Anne’s work has a strong vibrant textural quality and often employs traditional Northern crafts such a rag-rugging to create the required image and effect.

Generally her main colours have been rather muted, as her subjects are often seen through the rain! However, recent experiments have resulted in her now using a wider palette, producing some excitingly different new pieces which are quite different from her usual style.

Anne continues to use felt as a base for landscape work with stitching enhancing the lines and mood of the piece. Recent work uses machine stitching for pattern.